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OMTRE will make it easy and natural to choose reused wood. 

Through research and development, we find solutions for the industrial processing of wood waste. This is how wood should be used to achieve the same quality, price and availability as new wood has today.
Omtre administers the large research and development project SirkTRE, where we lead sub-projects within the mapping of standing buildings and processing of returns. We also have our own research and development projects within building systems, digitalisation, regulation and market development for better circular resource utilization. We are working with several partners to increase the speed of the construction industry's transition to the circular economy.

We are continuous looking for partnerships in research, development and production of new consepts.





We buy your used wood

If you are going to demolish a building, for example a barn, or have residual material lying around from the construction process, we want to buy wood.

Fill in the form and we will contact you with an offer.

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with the goal of accounting for
of Norway's CO2 commitment to 2030

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